Hotel Story

“ Find yourself like never before ”

VALA stands between Hua Hin and Cha-am, known to locals and tourists as Thailand's royal town with an enriching history. It is also a town we see as home, everybody has their own version of Hua Hin and memories of Cha-Am. We would like your stay here to be a bit different, to leave with something new.

At VALA, we care about our home, which means we make environmentally conscious decisions. Sustainability is not a buzzword to us, it’s the VALA way. With this mission in mind, we are determined to minimize single-use plastics as well as minimize food waste in all the restaurants within the hotel. These are our contribution that can hopefully help with the rehabilitatiaon of the environment.

To be a conscious, luxury stay for urbanites. We hope you leave here with some stories to tell, heritage relearned and a bit of sand in your shoes.


Locality is in our roots, which means we preserve and protect the local story.We support and nurture local farmers, as well as local produce and products. With this, we have formed relationships with local communities for our organic ingredients, used in our restaurants and bars.