Wellness & Facilities

VALA's Facilities & Wellness offers guests a well rounded luxury stay. There are all kinds of experiences to indulge here, from our swimming pools with a view, to our fitness facilities and a beach pavillion for a soothing body treatment. There's something for all parts of the day.

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SELA Sea Sanctuary Spa

SELA Sea Sanctuary Spa emerges as the first sea spa in the Hua Hin - Chaam, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a sanctuary where the sea’s healing powers are harnessed to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.

At the heart of SELA Sea Sanctuary Spa lies the belief that the sea, with its vastness and vitality, holds the key to holistic healing. Inspired by the principle of “Sea Healing,” our spa treatments are meticulously designed to harness the therapeutic properties of the ocean. Ingredients such as sea salts, coconut, sea algae, and aloe vera are carefully selected to nourish, revitalize, and energize, offering a unique wellness experience that echoes the restorative power of the marine environment.

Our facilities feature three double treatment rooms, each with an ensuite bathroom, a luxurious Sela suite complete with a bathtub, skylight, and steam room, alongside specialized rooms for Thai massage and foot massage, catering to all facets of relaxation and rejuvenation.

SELA Sea Sanctuary Spa proudly offers a curated selection of treatments, including soothing massages and holistic facial and body therapies, each meticulously crafted to serve as a refuge for the senses.

Further enriching the SELA experience, our onsite Sela Shop offers an exclusive selection of local and international beachwear and homewares, such as candles and tea, allowing guests to take a piece of the SELA.

SELA Sea Sanctuary, our team will reach out to guests by phone or email before arrival. We'll discuss the available options and answer any questions to help and choose the perfect pathway to achieve their desired outcome.

Open Daily from  10.00 - 21.00 hrs. (Last treatment available 20.00 hrs.)

For more information

Email: spa@valahuahin.com
Tel: ++6632 706 777



Wonder Woods is not just any kid’s club; it's a comprehensive play haven that combines the joys of indoor and outdoor activities. Inside, children are welcomed into a play area, complete with a ball pit, slider, and mini mountain climber, alongside an arts & crafts zone for those who love to create and imagine. The design and activities are carefully chosen to spark curiosity and encourage children to explore the natural world in a fun, engaging setting.

But the adventure doesn't stop indoors. The outdoor garden lawn extends the play area into the open air, where children can feel the grass under their feet and the sun on their faces as they partake in nature play. Activities such as tie-dyeing, weaving with coconut leaves, and hands-on experiences at the resort’s Organic Garden enrich the children’s stay. Here, they have the unique opportunity to connect with nature by planting seeds, tending to sprouts, and even collecting eggs, fostering a sense of responsibility and love for the environment.

At Wonder Woods, our goal is to blend entertainment with education, allowing children to learn new skills, appreciate nature, and develop their creativity while making unforgettable memories.

Swimming Pools

Spacious swimming pool
Family pool
Olympic-sized pool
Pool for children

Swimming Pool
Soak up the fresh air and sun in our spacious swimming pool. A true VALA highlight, the panoramic Olympic-sized swimming pool extends right to the oceanfront. Dip your toes onto the all marble tile floor, or simply float your day away.

Family Pool
This is fun for everyone. VALA's family pool is designed for children as well as adults. Spend the day in the water and create your own adventures, it's time for a splash.


Fitness centre
High quality gym
Fit & Firm

Did you overindulge? Our air-conditioned fitness centre is fully stocked with high quality gym equipment including free weights, treadmills, an elliptical trainer and an exercise bike. Located near the Lobby.

WOODS Upper Deck

Woods Upper Deck

Enjoy a drink with a side of scenery. Enjoy our outdoor rooftop terrace overlooking the Gulf of Thailand. A drink in hand, snacks on the side and a sunset straight ahead, this is a true getaway for you. At the bar, we’ll also serve special, curated cocktails with seasonal ingredients.

Upper Deck is also an idyllic spot to host special events, the space can accomodate up to 100 guests.

Size 700 sq.m
Capacity: 80-100 people

The Courtyard Beachfront Lawn

Front view of the ocean
The courtyard beachfront lawn
Special venue
Forested space

A special venue suitable for hosting weddings, private dinner and gatherings with direct access to the beach. Surrounded by a vast, forested space and a front view of the ocean, there's nowhere more suitable to make memories.