Immerse yourself in the locality and historical roots of our charming town.
Petchaburi is a unique blend of heritage, sea and food culture.
At VALA, we want to give you a glimpse of it all.

Explore what we have to offer, VALA will be waiting when you get back.

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Activities Inside the Resort


During your stay, enjoy a vast range of activities and experiences around the resort compound.

Daily Activities

Daily activities

VALA offers a range of activities for a memorable stay in Hua-Hin and Cha-Am. Choose from local art & craft activities to Thai cooking class and cycling.

PATANA Organic Farm

PATANA Organic Farm
Plant and harvest rice

The Organic Farm is located 5 minutes away from VALA, the place where our team grows over 30 varieties of different fruits, herbs and vegetables which guests will have a chance to enjoy at the hotel's signature WOODS Kitchen & Bar. At the farm, there is also a chicken coop for organic, home grown eggs, a rice paddy field as well as our very own mushroom hut. Apart from being the source of our home grown food, the Organic Farm is also an activity area for children, where they can learn to plant and harvest rice, as well as enjoy other fun arts & crafts activities run by VALA team.

Tan Chin Thai Heritage House

Tan Chin Thai Heritage House

VALA set out to build a new preservation to showcase the history of our land and ancestors.

The land where our heritage house now stands was first tended by "Tan Chin", the former leader of Seri Thai Movement during World War II who later also played a crucial role in transforming a waste land into a resevior, hence Thailand's first systematic farming. We invite you to wander and explore the historical landmark firsthand, and enjoy immersing in the land's heritage story.

Guests are able to wander and witness the historical landmark firsthand, and enjoy immersing in the land's heritage story.

Hidden Gems nearby

Hidden Gems nearby

Petchburi is known to ties for its Royal roots. It is also the town of many charities, research centres and education facilities which are all part of the Royal Projects.

Eat like a true local, get to know how we use Asian Palm (Ton Tan) in our desserts, taste Khao Chae, a true Petchaburi summer signature, and find our local snacks such as baked Thai Custard (Kanom Moh Gang). It's not a true getaway if you don't indulge.

Get locally engaged; for a mini adventure, head over to the Pa La U Waterfall in Kaeng Krachan National Park.

For the less adventurous, we recommend browsing the local market where you can stroll, taste and shop for fresh produces and little souvenirs for home the local way.

The possibilities of exploration are indeed endless. Stretch your horizons and get reacquainted with what Petchburi has to offer.