Family Space

Reconnect with your loved ones, re-create special memories and cherish the moments. VALA’s curated family facilities truly means fun for all

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Bunk bed
Family friendly room
Room & Garden view
Outdoor bathtub
Bathtub & garden view
Comfortable space
Fits family of four

Family Room

A family friendly room, tailored for a fun getaway. The Family room fits a family of four, with an expansive terrace and an outdoor bathtub, perfect for a relaxing soak.This room is truly one of a kind, it also comes with a bunk bed and an in-room play area. Located close to the hotel’s playground and only steps away from the Family Pool, it is a true haven for your little ones. There really is fun for everyone.

Spacious family pool
Pool with sea view

Family Pool

This is fun for everyone. VALA’s spacious Family Pool is designed for children as well as adults. Spend the day in the water and create your own adventures, it’s time for a splash.