Thai Wedding Ceremony

A traditional Thai wedding Ceremony doesn't always have to be held in a religious place, an intimate, cozy beachside venue can also add personalized, romantic touches whilst catering to all traditional Thai wedding requirements. Guests can also host enjoyable wedding reception here with family and friends. Hua Hin and Cha-Am are one of the best places to have a beachside wedding, it's also only a few hours away from Bangkok.
Steps of Thai Wedding Ceremony

The steps of Thai Wedding Ceremony

A wedding officially symbolizes your couple's union and marks a special beginning in life together. The step of each ceremony differs depending on the couple's religion, and for a traditional Thai wedding, it will typically be arranged following a Buddhist marriage ceremony. The couple will be dressed in traditional Thai attire, and the sequence will follow these steps:

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps - 1.
Buddhist Religious Ceremony

The first part of a traditional Thai wedding ceremony starts in the early morning, typically before 11am, depending on the couple's Auspicious time for merit making. After receiving the monk's blessing, the couple will then be blessed with holy water and have their foreheads anointed.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps - 2.
Khan Mak Procession

Following the morning religious ceremony, the groom and his family will proceed with a classic moment in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony; the 'Khan Mak' parade at the auspicious time to the bride and her family. The groom will have to pass through a series of symbolic doors by performing tasks and giving out envelopes to the bride's party.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps - 3.
Proposal and Marriage

Upon passing the symbolic doors, the groom and bride will unite and walk together towards the ceremonial spot. Here, a representative from the groom's side will ask for the bride's family's permission and typically offer a Sin-Sod Thong Mun. Parents from both parties will give their blessings.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps - 4.
The Engagement

The bride and groom exchange engagement rings with their parents as witnesses.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Steps - 5.
Ceremonial water pouring

This is an important step in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. The bride and groom will kneel together and joined by an auspicious thread on their heads. Guests will take turns pouring the ceremonial water over the couple's hands and bless them with good luck.

Thai Wedding Ceremony Package


✓ Themed floral decoration at wedding ceremony area
(Floral arch and mixed flower on dining tables)
✓ Reception desk of 2 persons with wedding guestbook
✓ Welcome signage
✓ Theatre seating for guests
✓ Buddhist Monk Ceremony: food and alms offering to 9 monks
✓ Khan Maak Set (5 Bowls)
✓ Holy Water Pouring & Bounding Ceremony Set with themed floral
✓ Bridal bouquet
✓ 8 VIP corsages
✓ Complimentary light savoury & coffee & tea during the ceremony
✓ Background music during ceremony


✓ One-night stay at our Sea View Pool Villa
✓ Special romantic room set up for bride & groom
✓ Floating breakfast for bride & groom
✓ In-villa couple signature massage for 90 minutes
✓ Special group rate when reserving a minimum 10 rooms

VALA's wedding venues

Read more on what VALA Hua Hin-Cha-Am has to offer for your special day.

VALA's rooftop

Upper Deck

Opt for a distinctly modern and relaxed venue with our open-air rooftop bar that keeps things casual and cool. If you hope to embrace the outdoors on your romantic day, The Upper Deck is an ideal al fresco wedding destination for rooftop celebrations and after parties with sunset views.

The Courtyard

A long aisle lined with terracotta walls, soaring trees, and warm shades of green dramatically opens up to a private pathway leading down to the beach. VALA's Courtyard combines the rustic with the natural, and is ideal for hosting intimate mid-sized events like vow exchanges, post-ceremony celebrations and dinner.


Our Beachfront venue gives you breathtaking panoramic views of the spot where sand meets sea and sky. With the gently lapping water in the background, light up the night with fireworks, fairy lights and candles, and allow the cool ocean breeze to sweep you off your feet. This venue is perfect for wedding receptions, proposals and vow exchanges, and can host up to 200 guests.

Garden Lawn

With its sweeping, open spaces and the emerald ocean that hugs its side, the natural beauty of this location provides the perfect scenery for your dream wedding reception — think lush tropical gardens and stately trees jeweled with green. The Garden Lawn is a peerless venue for wedding receptions, ceremonies, proposals and vow exchanges, and can hold between 50 to 100 guests.

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