Community & Sustainability

We support and nurture local farmers, as well as their produce and products. With this, we have formed relationships with local farmers and communities.

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Baan Navilit

Baan Navilit truly follows a "sufficient economy" mindset through its health food store and agricultural products. Guests at VALA will have a chance to sample Baan Navilit's rice and other local products during their stay. The rice is harvested and grown by local farmers in the community.

The organic agriculture farm empowers local Thai farmers to distribute their products, whilst taking care of the production and distribution. By creating a supportive,collaborative community between farmers and customers, Baan Navilit's philosophy is what VALA is trying to achieve.

Other Local Communities

We support our local farmers by nurturing a friendly and sustainable partnership with them. We procure fresh and organic products and ingredients directly from local farmers and businesses. These products are the main ingredients we use in VALA to curate all our signature scrumptious food and drinks


At VALA, we care about our home, which means we make environmentally conscious decisions. Sustainability is not a buzzword to us, it’s the VALA way. With this mission in mind, we will minimize single-use plastics and minimize food waste in all the restaurants within the hotel. These are our contribution that can hopefully help preserve the environment.