Nelson Amorim – Inspiration behind WOODS’ Delicacies

Our grand collaboration with the renowned Chef Nelson Amorim of il Fumo, a new-wave Portuguese restaurant, has curated a decadent combination of local produce and fine ingredients. With Chef Nelson’s experience and his cooking prowess accumulated through his travels and works all over the world paired with the high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients from our on-site organic farm and local farmers, wonderful dishes of tapas, seafood and grills are created. Climb aboard WOODS’ culinary adventure, where a passion for local ingredients, seasonality and responsible ways of sourcing from local purveyors are the heart of our operating pillars. Chef Nelson has poured his skills and identity into his menu creations, with his own distinctive take on local cuisine and ingredients.

Together with Chef Nelson, we invite you to embark on our sharing & gathering dining experience with your families and friends, creating yet another memorable moment.